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Allan Clark on Sunrise in Twizzle - Rachel
nice shot

Judith on Hiking up Remarkable Peak
hey I've been there! The most beautiful view ever over that edge.

fishboy on Sunrise in Twizzle - Rachel

fishboy on Sunrise in Twizzle - Rachel
looks like a painting.

fishboy on Hiking up Remarkable Peak
so what was the snow like?

fishboy on Wood, tropics - Jordan
nice mate. nice.

Anne Marie on Wood, tropics - Jordan
I think this shot would be interesting if you focused on the wood planks and let the rest fade out into pale hues-

Mike on Clouds - Jordan

Mike on Windowsill - Jordan
hardcore balancing act. ninja.

Anne Marie on Taking - Jordan
I rather like this; clever. The shape of the mountains in the background is very subtle and interesting to my eyes.

Anne Marie on Clouds - Jordan
that's stunning.

Jordan on Grassy Hill - Jordan
It was actually a still day. The flora here is very erratic, I can understand where you would see wind.

Mike on Driftwood - Jordan
looks like a tiger's head on the end. coolness.

Anne Marie on Driftwood - Jordan
that's beautiful...makes me think of home and a box that i have there...

Anne Marie on Grassy Hill - Jordan
I really like this...It feels like it could be very windy-was it?

DJR on Group - Drew
that stream was so sweet i almost jumped in it.

DJR on Nice - Drew
i hate you.

Jordan on Diamond Cove - Drew
It is picturesquely, strangely, calm. We had a bit of debate about whether or not this was frozen. But then we ...

fishboy on Seagull, trash. - Jordan

fishboy on Diamond Cove - Drew
is there just no wind in New Zealand? all the water everywhere inland seems so bloody calm.

DJR on Not NZ - Jordan
Was actually taken by jordan, we should figure out a better way to do credits here. It's out on the coast, ...

Stacy Gillett on Secret Beach, NZ - Drew
These are awesome pics dude. Want to see more......!!

Daroru on Secret Beach, NZ - Drew
Love the cool colours... almost looks like the scene is made of ice! Great sense of space captured.

Daroru on Nearby pitch - Jordan
Striking silhouettes and shadows.

fishboy on Not NZ - Jordan
where was this taken rachel?

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